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Why In-Home Services?
The Power of Choice, The Comfort of Home.
In-Home Services Come To You
Homecare Services brings the services to you, enhancing your health and promoting your independence. When people think about in-home services they typically think of care being provided in the home. While that is typically the case it is important to understand that our services are designed to be delivered to the individual, regardless of location. In addition to caring for people in their homes, Homecare Services has provided services to individuals in their places of employment, schools and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, and a variety of other locations.
In-Home Services Maintain Optimum Freedom For The Individual
Hospitals and Nursing Homes require a more structured environment. Individuals receiving in-home services maintain their sense of autonomy by continuing to live independently. Homecare Services works with individuals to provide them with the care they need on a schedule that works for them. Homecare Services adapts the care to meet the needs of the individual, rather than the individual having to adapt their lifestyle to receive needed care.
In-Home Services Are Tailored To The Needs Of The Individual
Homecare Services works with individuals and their families to develop a plan of care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each situation. Individuals receive one-on-one care and consideration in order to make sure the services being provided appropriately and effectively meet the individual's needs.
In-Home Services Enhance Quality of Life And Promote Longevity
People tend to live longer and have a better quality of life at home. In-home services have been proven to add quantity and quality to lives of people receiving the care.
In-Home Services Help To Keep Families Together
In-home services allow individuals to receive the care they need while remaining surrounded by loved ones. There is a significant amount of stress placed on families as they are separated due to one's placement in a facility. We have seen the heartache as husbands are separated from wives, as parents are separated from children, and as siblings are separated from siblings. Over the years Homecare Services has witnessed the importance of keeping families together. We recognize the unquestionable benefit of the people we care for being able to be surrounded by friends and family. We have seen the individuals we care for host family events at their home, have friends over for dinner, play games with their grandkids at the kitchen table, etc. These priceless moments spent with friends and family would not be the same in an institutional setting.
In-Home Services Provide Peace Of Mind For Absentee Family Members
Some families are not able to be together due to distance. In these cases in-home services from a reputable, professional agency can help to ease the anxiety family members face when their loved one needs care. Homecare Services has a long history of offering peace of mind to family members who cannot be near loved ones during their time of need.
In-Home Services Adapt To Accommodate The Changing Needs Of The Individual
In-home services can be modified to accommodate changing needs. Whether the condition of the individual is improving or deteriorating you can be confident that the services we provide will be flexible enough to ensure the individual gets the appropriate amount and types of care.
In-Home Services Can Help To Prevent Pre-Mature Placement In An Institutional Setting
In-home services offer a comforting alternative to premature placement in a long-term care facility. There is a time and a place when nursing home care is the most appropriate option. Most individuals, however, would prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Homecare Services is able to provide one-on-one care, 24-hours a day. In certain cases, the individualized nature of the care we provide has allowed Homecare Services to provide care to some individuals who cannot be cared for in a nursing home setting due to their level of care.
In-Home Services Promote Healing And Reduce The Potential For Infection Found In Institutional Settings
Placing an individual into an unfamiliar environment can be stressful, and negatively affect the individual's health and ability to heal. There is abundant evidence that individuals heal more quickly at home. Individuals living in their own homes also have less exposure to infection than those living amongst the chronically ill. Residents of a long term care facility are exposed to illness and infection on a daily basis. Receiving in-home services significantly limits that exposure. The absence of stress and limited exposure to illness makes the home environment the ideal setting for healing.
In-Home Services Are More Affordable Than Other Forms Of Long Term Care
The cost of in-home services is generally much lower than that of the long-term care facility alternative. In-home services are billed based on usage; if you only require one hour of service you are only billed for one hour of service. This differs from a long-term care facility which bills for around the clock service. Costs of in-home services can often be covered or supplemented by third party payers such as long-term care insurance or special government programs that assist individuals in need of the help. Homecare Services strives to provide affordable care to individuals and prides itself on offering rates that are easily understood by the individuals receiving the care.

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