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Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
Homecare Services is devoted to the mission of providing quality services to individuals in the comfort of their own homes. Carrying out this mission to its greatest potential necessitates a partnership between the Homecare Services and the individuals it provides services to. Because the consumer and quality services are at the heart of the Agency's mission it is essential that all individuals receiving care from Homecare Services be informed of their Rights and Responsibilities.

Consumer Rights
As a consumer of Homecare Services it is important that you are informed of and understand your rights. Homecare Services is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of all individuals receiving services.

As a consumer you have the right to:
  • Be fully informed of your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of Homecare Services.
  • Be admitted to receive care from Homecare Services if the necessary care is within the Agency's scope of service and the Agency has the ability to provide services in a manner that is both safe and appropriate for the consumer as well as Homecare Services' staff. The consumer should be free from any form of abuse, neglect or exploitation, to include seclusion or use of any restraint.
  • Participate in the development of your plan of care, including an explanation of any services proposed and of alternative services available to you within the community.
  • Receive a copy of your plan of care as well as the name of the individual responsible for coordinating your services and agency phone number.
  • Expect to receive services according to your plan of care, a consistent schedule, and in a manner that is safe and professional.
  • Expect ongoing review of the care and services provided to you by Homecare Services (both periodic and in response to a change in personal circumstances) and modification of the care plan and services provided as necessary.
  • Be treated respectfully by Homecare Services' staff.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of personal information as well as all information in relation to the specifics of your services.
  • Know that Homecare Services conducts thorough background checks and maintains liability and worker's compensation insurance on all agency employees.
  • Refuse services and be advised of the consequences of doing so.
  • Be informed of Homecare Service policies including a clear explanation of charges for services as well as eligibility for 3rd party reimbursements.
  • Receive invoices for services that are clear, accurate and in a format that is understandable.
  • Voice complaints and request changes in services or staff without retaliation.
  • Have a representative participate in decisions relating to services being provided.
  • Discontinue receiving services from Homecare Services.

Consumer Responsibilities
Ensuring your services are of the highest quality requires a collaborative effort. As a consumer you play an important role in the success of the services that you receive. Your participation and cooperation are a vital component to your relationship with Homecare Services and the care provided to you.

As a consumer it is your responsibility to:
  • Ensure an environment free of health and safety hazards for Homecare Services' staff as well as yourself.
  • Ensure a respectful environment for Homecare Services' staff; free of exploitation, abuse, discrimination or harassment.
  • Give Homecare Services all necessary information related to your services. The information should be complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • Participate in the development of the plan of care and follow the plan of care once it has been established.
  • Report any significant changes to Homecare Services' staff as soon as these changes occur. Request information or further explanation on anything that is not understood.
  • Notify Homecare Services if you will not be home for a scheduled visit.
  • Contact a Homecare Services' Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator to request changes to your schedule or plan of care.
  • Recognize that Homecare Services can only be responsible for services provided directly by the Agency. We cannot assume overall responsibility for your care. If Homecare Services is unable to meet all of your needs or is unable to identify other sources of care you and/or your family/responsible party are ultimately responsible to secure appropriate care.
  • Inform Homecare Services immediately should you have questions or concerns about your services. Notify the Agency of any changes in your health status, condition, or treatment.
  • Make arrangements to see your physician at appropriate intervals and, when applicable, release medical record information to appropriate providers for your benefit.
  • Have a back-up plan in place. The nature of receiving one-on-one services in your home brings with it instances that one may not encounter when receiving care in a facility in which staff are always present. It is important that you understand that instances such as inclement weather, health epidemics, and staff shortages could affect the Agency's ability to provide care. Homecare Services does not provide services on a on-call basis. In these cases it is important that you have a back-up plan in place to ensure your needs are met.
  • Refrain from hiring or accepting ‘volunteer' services from any current or former Homecare Services' employee.
  • Refrain from offering gifts, tips, or donations.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and decisions. Understand that your actions and decisions may have consequences relating to Homecare Services' ability to continue to provide care.
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