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Things to Consider
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How Long Has The Agency/Provider Been In Business?
Homecare Services has been providing in-home services to individuals since 1984.
Does The Agency Run Background Checks on It's Employees?
Homecare Services carefully screens all individuals prior to employment. Part of this screening does include a thorough criminal background investigation.
Are Employees Bonded And Insured?
All employees of Homecare Services are covered by our professional liability insurance policy and bonded for your protection and peace of mind.
What if I only need a little help? Or a lot?
In the Event a Caregiver is Hurt on the Job, Who is Responsible?
All Homecare Services employees are covered by workers' compensation insurance. This protects you from personal liability should an injury take place in your home and is one of the many benefits of obtaining services from a reputable agency rather than independently hiring individuals to provide care. Most home owners' policies do not cover injuries to workers that take place in your home.
Does the Agency Train It's Care Staff?
Homecare Services takes great care when training it's caregivers. All caregivers go through Homecare Services Orientation. This orientation educates our employees on our preferred practices, policies, and safety protocols. Following orientation each caregiver is given a Homecare Services Caregiver Handbook which summarizes the information covered in orientation and is also a great reference tool for caregivers in the field. In addition, all caregivers receive special one on one training in your home to ensure that your specific needs are met and that your care plan is understood and followed. Our caregivers also receive continuing training through semi-annual staff meetings.
Does The Agency Have Someone To Oversee The Quality Of Care Individuals Are Receiving In Their Homes?
Homecare Services believes that supervision is a critical component to quality. Our Branch Coordinators and/or their Assistants accompany your caregiver to your home for the first visit. During this visit your caregiver will receive special training to meet your specific needs, and we will make sure you understand the services being provided. Our Coordinators and/or Assistants will be in the home after that to do follow up training, supervise the caregiver, and complete annual visits.

In addition to our local Branch Coordinators and their Assistants, Homecare Services has an administrative team that works directly with our Branch Coordinators and our consumers to help ensure quality services are being provided.
Does The Agency Provide Services Based On A Written Plan Of Care?
Homecare Services does not provide services under any circumstance without a written plan of care. The plan of care is an essential component of the provision of services. The care plan promotes comprehensive care. Formally documenting the tasks that are to be completed at the time of each visit assists the agency in being sure your needs are being met. The plan of care encourages consistency. The care plan is a tool to ensure that your care remains consistent regardless of who is providing the services. The plan of care facilities and formalizes change. If, at any time, your services need to be modified this is easily done by simply updating the plan of care.
Does The Agency Provide You With A Schedule Of When Your Services Will Be Provided?
Homecare Services provides services based on a schedule. We understand that our consumers have other activities and events outside of the care they receive. You deserve to know when your services will be provided. Our Branch Coordinators and Assistants will work with you to set a schedule that accommodates your lifestyle and meets your needs. Our Branch Coordinators and Assistants will ensure the schedule is followed, and can work with you to reschedule your services should the need arise. Your services can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Does The Agency Make You Aware Of The Cost of Services? Are The Fees Understandable? Are There Additional Costs for Holidays, Weekends, and Other Times?
Homecare Services rates are straightforward for a reason. It is important to us that individuals understand what they are paying for. There are NO hidden fees,the hourly rate is the hourly rate. There are no additional costs for services provided on holidays, weekends, or other times.
Is There a Minimum Number of Hours Required By the Agency?
Homecare Services only requires a one hour minimum per visit made.
Is There A Place That Consumers or Family Members Can Contact With Questions, Concerns, or Complaints?
Consumers or family members should contact their local Branch Office with any questions, concerns, or complaints. Individuals can also contact our home office at 1-800-899-2578.
Is There Formal Documentation Completed at Each Visit?
Our caregivers and nurses all complete formal documentation upon each visit.
Who is responsible for withholding social security, federal, state, and local taxes?
Homecare Services handles all social security, disability, and income tax withholdings. This protects our consumers and their family members from the burdensome paperwork and tax liabilities they face when hiring somebody independently or through a third party employment agency.
Does the Agency Offer Free In-Home Assessments?
Homecare Services is happy to come to your home to discuss services, assess the home and the individual desiring services free of charge. To schedule an assessment you can contact the branch office serving your particular location or contact our home office at 1-800-899-2578.
Do I have to commit to receiving services for a given amount of time?
Homecare Services fully understands that there is no definite way to determine how long services will be needed.
Are the Terms of a Private Pay Agreement Long Term or Flexible?
Homecare Services does enter into a contract with all individuals paying privately for their services. This contract outlines the responsibilities of the consumers as well as the agency. The flexible terms of the contract state Homecare Services requires 8-hour advance notice to when the individual plans to interrupt or discontinue services.
Is The Agency Licensed?
The state of South Dakota currently does not license providers of in-home services. Homecare Services does have contracts with the State of South Dakota to provide services and is also an approved provider of services for the ADLS program, and the Structured Family Caregiving Program through South Dakota's Department of Human Services.
Can I request a different caregiver?
When receiving care from Homecare Services it is important that you are happy with the individual providing your care. Homecare Services will make every attempt to make sure that you are happy with the individual providing your services.
Does the Agency Offer Hourly, Overnight, and Live-In Packages?
Homecare Services offers two hourly caregiver rates based on services provided and an hourly nurse rate.

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